Lisa Trout

Recently, Lisa has joined the team at Capital Commercial Real Estate Group, where she brings her valuable attributes of, trustworthiness, integrity, loyalty and desire to form strong relationships.
Lisa brings a contagious enthusiasm with her, to the industry. She also has the tremendous capacity to listen to her clients, understand their perspective and needs. She feels fortunate to be part of a team that is so highly regarded in the industry, and looks forward to partnering with her clients to achieve their goals.

Lisa graduated with honors and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice at Widener University in 2003. She earned an internship with the highly respected Montgomery County Detectives, under the supervision of Bruce Castor. She excelled beyond expectations in her position and gained numerous referrals from her supervisors. These referrals, combined with Lisa’s tenacity, enabled her to acquire a position with the Juvenile Probation Department in Chester County. While in JPO, Lisa maintained a caseload of 55-65 adolescents that she served as a mentor and a role model. Lisa marks one of her crowning achievements as having rehabilitated a majority of these juveniles and putting them on a better path in life.

During her tenure with the Chester County, Lisa developed a tremendous rapport with her colleagues, subordinates, and the families she assisted. This ability to develop strong bonds, trust, and meaningful relationship has lead Lisa to enjoy success as a Private Suite Attendant for the Philadelphia Eagles, and a Fortune 500 Company.

Here are some of Lisa’s transactions:

20 Louella Court Wayne Sold for $1.6 Million
2-4 L0uella Court Wayne Sold for $550,000
7 Station Road Ardmore Leased to Pan Amrani for Five Years
408 E. 4th Street Ste 301 Bridgeport Pa
6 Brookhaven Road Brookhaven to Senator Killon!
508 N Swarthmore Avenue Ridley Park Pa Sold!
511 Morton Avenue Ridley Park Pa Sold!
510 C. Abbott, Bromall Leased
422 E. 22nd Street Chester, Leased
408 E. 4th Street, Bridgeport, Leased
682 Park Way Broomall Leased to Cooper Electric!!
8 N. Chester Pike Glenolden Sold!
4425 Pennell Road Aston Pa Leased!
4405 Pennell Road Aston Pa Leased!
26 East Lancaster Avenue Ardmore Sold in 10 days!
422 E. 22nd Street, Chester SOLD


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